Instagram Filter

Silent Film Star

I am very excited to announce that I have created an Instagram Filter- Silent Film Star!

No small feat for someone who has no idea what they are doing!

Head over to Instagram at @ayearofsilents to see which Silent Film Star you are!

I commissioned the lovely and talented Paula Fox Ferreira to draw the images. She also did my C.Starrz logo and is accommodating, creative and affordable. Check her out on Instagram @foxystarr.

A now…without further adieu. Who are you?

The Silent Film Star Personality Reveal!

Theda Bara

You are dark and mysterious- just the way you like it. You are irresistible when you want to be but keep everyone at arms length when you don’t. If you were a toy you’d be a Rubik’s cube- impossible to figure out. And yet, deep down, you’d probably just like to find someone to have a quiet picnic with. Or be left alone to live in an abandoned mansion. Hard to tell really.

Charlie Chaplin

Funny ha-ha or funny strange? Either way, you’re the life of the party. Your friends and partner would do better to step aside and let you do your thing because when you’re allowed to be your authentic self, you’re actually quite spectacular.

Bessie Love

You’re a good girl but certainly no fool. When life knocks you down, you hop right up. When one door closes you find the closest window, jump out and hope for the best. Your lovable nature and resilience get you through any hurdle. You’re cute too which helps.

Rudolph Valentino

Swoon! Brains are overrated! What you’ve got is animal magnetism. Your charm is irresistible and can get you into trouble. Nothing an eye flutter or well-timed wink can’t get you out of. Your dream night involves spaghetti, starlight and misquoting romantic prose. You are the chill in Netflix & chill. Keep the doctor on speed dial though because you are highly allergic to commitment.

Mary Pickford

Hold up- boss bitch coming through! On first glance you seem sweet and innocent. But behind that wholesome fa├žade the wheels in that highly developed brain of yours are churning a mile-a-minute. You’ve got ambition, motivation and a take-no-prisoners mentality. You’ve got big dreams and one way or another you will achieve them!

Louise Brooks

Well aren’t you the tricky one? If there were a picture of style in the dictionary it would be you. A natural trendsetter, eyes never stop staring at you. But you hate the attention it brings. Or the responsibility that comes along with it anyway. You want to be free as a bird. Structure and limitation drive you crazy. Societal expectations are a bore. All you need is a lover, a glass of bubbly and some pretentious literature in a cosmopolitan city and you’re as happy as a clam. But nothing rubs you the wrong way like a schedule or- dare I say it- work! (Read more about Louise Brooks here Louise Brooks: The Headstrong Flapper with the Bobbed Hair)

Douglas Fairbanks

The only time you’ll be found in the library is if you’re swinging from it’s chandelier. Adventure is your middle name and you’d rather be thrown from a moving train than work a 9-to-5. Your big welcoming smile opens many doors for you and when you tire of doing somersaults through them you’re off on your next road trip. You’re hard to tie down but you’d like them to try.

Clara Bow

F-U-N. That’s your motto. Your natural good looks get you noticed and you don’t shy away from a good time. Your carefree attitude may have given you a reputation or two in your day but you don’t see what the big deal is. Life is meant to be be lived, right? You’ll eventually need someone to reel you in a little otherwise you could go missing for weeks only to be found involved in the newest scandals. Or behind bars. Either way, you’ll have good stories to tell.